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Leadership Development

HR departments are few and far between in the nonprofit sector. We can help you design and implement key leadership development functions to ensure that you’re hiring and retaining the right staff, building a strong organizational culture and setting your board up for success.  Specific projects might be one-off or long-term, and could include:

Specific projects may be one-off or long-term and might include:

Hiring, Onboarding & Exiting

  • Auditing job descriptions against organizational needs

  • Designing & implementing hiring processes

  • Writing onboarding plans for new staff

  • Writing transition plans for staff members

  • Conducting exit interviews

Team/Staff Development

  • Planning & facilitating staff meeting, stepbacks and retreats

  • Mediation

  • Management coaching

  • Organizational culture audits

  • Network-building

Board Development

  • Auditing board position descriptions

  • Recruitment of new board members

  • Training new board members