Research + Planning

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.
— Lewis Carroll

Is your team clear on your organization’s mission and vision? Can they clearly articulate how their day-to-day work is in service of the mission? Let us help you build the tools you need to ensure that the short- and long-term destinations are clear and that your team is taking the shortest path to achieve those goals.  These projects can be executed one-off, but we strongly prefer to provide ongoing accountability support for at least six months after the plan is created.  

Specific projects might include:


  • Design, facilitate, and analyze focus groups & surveys

  • Develop white papers and case statements

Long-Term Planning

  • Strategic planning (three-year plans)

  • Assisting with organizational mergers

  • Supporting a mission evolution

  • Accountability support & monitoring

Short-Term Planning

  • Annual planning (one-year plans)

  • Accountability support & monitoring
  • Program design & innovation