Are you a do-gooder, a disrupter, a social change maker?
Do you believe in taking risks and failing boldly?
Do you know that there is more than one right answer to
most questions? 
Do you thrive when basking in a shared commitment to
strengthen our community, and believe in achieving more
through strategic collaboration?

Us too.

Gladiator Consulting partners with nonprofit organizations to embrace
an abundance mindset.  We believe in an abundance of time, opportunity,
talent and resources for each of our clients and those they serve.  We
acknowledge a troublesome gap between available resources and how they
are used/shared. We are compelled to find clarity around how our client’s
mission and programs fit into the larger nonprofit ecosystem and we work
internally, externally and collaboratively to serve the broader community.

Meet our team & learn more about our work. We're excited to meet you.



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